EPC Management

We manage EPC for reliable return of investments.

Built on our global EPC experience, ET Capital focuses on best engineering, top equipment selection, high quality construction, and timely delivery of solar projects.

Design & Engineering

Our Engineering ensures the maximum value of each project each step of the way during the complete project life cycle—from interconnection process, to PV system design, to IFP/IFC, to O&M.

  • State of the art technology and the latest Best-Known Methods of the industry
  • Seasoned engineering team with expertise in power electronics, power equipment and power system
  • Strict design guidelines and compliance with standards worldwide

Project Procurement

ET procurement service ensures the timely delivery of modules & BOS components as well as competitive price and high quality hence we could constantly lower the LCOE for clients.

Project Construction

We have achieved a high level of construction performance with our experience and direct access to sophisticated technology. We address challenges from all severe environment, like mountain, farm land, airport, plateau, etc.

We work with local and national installation companies and strictly follow electrical codes and labor laws in different states and regions.

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