Project Development

We bring long-term benefits to all stakeholders.

We have an in-house experienced project development team which is able to carry out all stages of development throughout the lifecycle of a project, from site selection, lease agreement, solar resources analysis, engineering design and system optimization, grid interconnection, permitting, power marketing and power purchase agreement (PPA), financing, construction management, asset management, and system decommissioning.

We work with land owners and local communities to bring value to them. We also create jobs to local communities by hiring local workers while building sustainable sources of clean energy.

We deliver long-term quality assets to investors and independent power producers (IPPs), so they can obtain stable return for their investment.

We also actively seek to work with local developers throughout the US, so we can join force to speed up the development and reach financial closing.

Right now, we have over 500 MW project pipeline under development at various stages in the US.

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