Utility Solar

Utility Solar

We deliver quality Utility-Scale solar assets

We have been developing utility-scale projects since 2013. Our team has years of experience in utility-scale project development and understands how to work with land owners, utilities, and local government authorities to deliver positive results to all parties involved. We work to develop and deliver utility-scale projects that benefit all stakeholders involved. We have a singular goal to deliver financially attractive, quality solar power assets to utility companies or long-term investors such as Duke Energy and NRG Energy.

  • ET’s veteran management team has extensive experience working for, and with, some of the world’s largest solar PV developers such as Duke Energy, Eon, First Solar, and SunEdison
  • ET has a proven record of successful asset delivery to utility companies and top long-term investors
  • We have projects totaling more than 600 MW in our development pipeline
  • We are backed by a global platform with 13+ years of service and operations experience

We work with land owners and communities to locate the most viable sites for large scale solar plants, such as converting a deserted airport in Halifax county, North Carolina into a 30 MW solar farm.

We deliver high quality utility-scale assets to investors. One of our ground-mounted projects we delivered was awarded the NRG’s Best Project Award of the Year in 2016.

We understand the importance of working with the local communities in which our projects are located. ET consistently strives to be a good partner and works to create local jobs and raise extra tax revenue for local communities.

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